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I fell in love with drawing the moment I was able to hold a pen. When I discovered painting, I knew I had found my true calling. At 16, I dropped out of school to become an apprentice painting movie posters for local theatres.

After studying Graphic Design at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, I started my career in a local design company D’art Studio and later joined Dentsu Singapore as an Art Director. In 1999, I stepped out of my comfort zone and set up Creaxis Design, a boutique agency with select local and international clients. As the Creative Director,
I supervised a team of 16. For more than two decades, I have collaborated with some of the best in the business and won 27 international awards.


While running my business, I dabbled in product design. My wife Yang and I founded Gagatree in 2003, a creative shop focused on designing unique products with an Asian touch. Gagatree creations are available in shops and museums around the world, including New York’s MOMA.

In 2018, I embarked on art toy design, and have not looked back since. To date, I have successfully launched OBOT and Jelilo. The turning point came in 2020 when I shuttered my agency after a good 21 years and became the artist known as Lesdoublewood. 

My artistic style expresses my childlike side. There is a hint of humour in the delivery, and the message also revolves around the concept of time. My artworks usually exude a light vintage vibe yet they are awash in colour.  

Having been in the business of design for over 20 years, I am equipped to push the boundaries by incorporating my design philosophies and experience into my craft. It is about combining artistic expressions, harmonising colours, finding the perfect balance, and tapping on the power of art to change the world. I am always seeking to create something new.

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