Lester Lim, a veteran of the international advertising industry. Upon graduated from Graphic Design from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, he began his career in advertising. He has served as creative at some of the world’s leading creative agencies. In 1999, he set up Creaxis Design, a boutique agency with select regional and international clients. His creativity has won 27 international ad awards win throughout his ad career.


As his growing avid interest in product design, he and his wife, Yang, founded Gagatree, a creative focused on designing unique products with and Asian touch. Gagatree collectibles are available in shops and museums around the world including New York’s Museum of Modern Art.


Lester  Lim, a multi-disciplinary Singaporean contemporary artist. His artistic practice revolves around the street art and pop iconography with a sense of playfulness in each canvas. The painting comes with the kaleidoscopic palette, creating a feeling of dynamism. Inspired by the cultures of iconic pop nostalgic objects and comic characters reference, he explores these icons into his art practices.


Lester is also the toy collectibles creator, he has created the OBOT and JELILO series under Gagatree as the lead artist.


As Chinese characters are made of radicals, Lesdoublewood, the artist’s social media handle takes after the Chinese surname, Lin, which means forest or wood. It is formed by the two Chinese characters, “wood”, hence, the doublewood.